To Copper City on the Mixed with a little chili along the way


Where is Copper City? Chili along the way, we go through Santa Fe? Nope, but the Colorado, Rio Grande and Southern’s Copper City branch goes to Copper City and it passes through some interesting scenes along the way. The CRG&S is my second attempt at MR imagineering (read about my first under Model Railroad Imagineerings: The beginning). The CRG&S has been a big task with an interesting list of “Must haves, would likes, and well if it fits it would be icing on the cake” .

DRG&W’s Chili Line has always interested me, as has the Rio Grande Southern and Otto Mears Silverton Roads. Of course, the Colorado and Southern’s narrow gauge lines can not be left out either. Last, but certainly not least is the Gilpin Tram.

The CRG&S’s Copper City branch represents the town of Copper City, a small town situated in a valley packed full of narrow gauge railroads switch mills, yards, and other mining associated industries. Decided to move my time period to post WWII! Why? Well a chance to have the RGS post wreck #455, leased due to power needs, running alongside the K-28s of the CRG&S.

Bet it also includes a water tank and a K-27!

Photo: Favorite of mine from the RGS in Ridgeway. A Robert Richardson photo I believe

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