After an almost 11 year break in having a functioning model railroad, finally got started. Attended a MADModule meeting on January 22nd to learn about building modules. Very interesting, especially since Linn Wescott’s L-girder design is the only method I’ve ever used to build my model railroads in the past. Liked the module design so much, purchase a kit and came home that night to put it together.

The “Stewartstown” plan is large and requires more space than is available at the moment, so decided start with something a little smaller and easily portable. Since the idea of a basic track layout to support several different model railroad interests is something that still has my interest decided to pick two of my model railroad imagineerings, the Ferrocarril del Agricultor (FdA) and the Maryland Central. To test my idea, chose to model the end of a branch, no elaborate track plan but something simple to keep things moving. Plan on using three 24 inch by 48 inch modules to represent the towns of Pie de la Montaña (FdA) and Bentley Springs (Maryland Central). Since it has been quite a while since handlaid my last switch, decided to try to include several different switches to practice making switches. So, working on a track plan to include a 3 way, a wye, several point switches and at least one stub switch.



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