Ma and Pa Orson’s Run Trestle

Been working on my Maryland Central imagineering project. From its small  staging tracks, the Maryland Central will come into view running alongside Trout Creek on its way to Bentley Springs. The Maryland Central needs two trestle to navigate the twists and turns of Trout Creek and its two feeders Beetree Run and Upper Trout Creek. To change things up, decided that my first bridge would be of the Pole variety, not the typical square timber bridge accustomed to seeing. The Hunterline kit looked interesting, and wanted Upper Trout Creek to come down a steep winding ravine and flow under a 20 foot plus high trestle. The Hunter line kit fit the bill and with several changes due to being on a 38 inch radius curve it will work fine to represent the Upper Trout Creek.

Beetree Run (not to be confused by the similar run nearby) presented a different problem. I wanted to go from a 38 inch radius to an even tighter 32 inch radius curve as the Maryland Central hugged its right-of-way along Trout Creek. Took awhile to think of one until I saw the cover of the Maryland and Pennsylvania RR Historical Society’s Spring 2010 “Timetable”. There it was, the Ma and Pa’s Orson Run Trestle. From all accounts I could find, it was probably  located on one of the sharpest curves on the line and it was not too tall (the MC is not the RGS!). This would be perfect for the Beetree Run trestle

So, after asking questions on the MaPa Railroad Yahoo group was surprised to discover that the trestle still stood. So today off my assistant and I went along with some other Ma and Pa fans to check out the bridge. One look and I knew we had the Beetree Run trestle. Enjoy the photos, more to come as we look at Maryland Central “new” Beetree Run trestle and the Ma and Pa’s Orson’s Run trestle.


Well, looked good on paper, but the two trestles took up a lot of room once the two modules were laid out with the track centerlines. The easements into the big curves would take up parts of two more modules and just did not want to use that much scenic space, so back to the drafting table. Really like Orson’s Run trestle though, so it will get worked into the Maryland Central or perhaps even my Sn3 Ma and Pa.

View down to original stone abutment while my assistant takes a break.
North side of Orson’s Run Trestle
Steel stringers spanning Orson’s Run
North side stream side bents- MC will have a stone foundation, but the stack bridge timbers make an interesting scene!
South side original stone abutement?

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