Is it a real train or is a model train? The beginning of an imagineering project

Ever seen a photograph that makes you wonder is it real or a model. Recently saw the photograph below by Stephen Hussar on the Wiscasset, Waterville, and Farmington Railroad Museum website. Looks like a  trainload of empty flat cars moving through the Maine woods over a stream on the way back to a slate quarry. A shortened Bachmann Forney with a nice figure in the cab. Great job with the water moving in the stream, and with the addition of the steam blowing off..or is it real?

Is it a model or real? Photo by Stephen Hussar

After studying the photograph for about 30 seconds, thought ” boy that would make a great scene on a future imagineering project.Part of the right of way on the way to the slate quarry, or to a saw mill sometime back in the 19-teens.

Really like the angle, never been a railfan modeler as much as a modeler in search of an interesting switching scene. However, as a fly-fisherman kneeling in the stream, this is an ideal angle. Wonder what someone would think about O or S scale if they looked up at a Forney slowly going over a bridge at a local train show from this angle? Notice how far you can see in this view? Trees make a great view block, no need to model acres of Maine woods, just a hint of the edge of the woods along the ROW. Could be a narrow section of a module, maybe 8 inches in S scale or 12 inches in O scale. Could be an imagineering project! Thank you Stephen Hussar for the wonderful real live steam engine in present day Maine along the rails of the WW&F RR Museum.

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