A new project

Moving from armchair modeler to active modeler is sometimes a difficult task between work,  childrens’ soccer games, and a variety of chores around my 12″=1ft house project. However, recently came across a link to some very fine model railroading in small places, Chris Nevard’s Model Railways of Chris Nevard (http://www.nevard.com/). After looking at his site and his fantastic small model railroads, thought to myself, “see, you don’t need something big to get started!”

One of the many modelers who has been caught in the giant guessing game of what scale, what gauge to work in. Probably just an ongoing argument to make sure one never gets to the layout room. Recently Graham picked up one of my O scale structures and placed it on his N scale layout. Look Daddy, look indeed at the size of that thing! No, not moving to Nn3. My eyes were never that good. Having SR&RL Railbus # 4 in both S and O scale was an excellent way to compare sizes for me. Well, the On2 #4 is not too bad, but that section house sitting next to it does gobble up some real estate that is not available at the moment. Right now, the basement train room project is running behind schedule, way behind schedule! However, enough space has been built to start something and having only O scale and S scale narrow gauge, decided on building my Maryland Central in Sn2 instead of the original plan of On30.

Why Sn2, why not use Sn3? Always wanted my Maryland Central to represent a “what-if” narrow gauge Farmer’s railroad located in roughly 3 Maryland and 2 Pennsylvania counties serving the small farming communities running through rolling hills alongside as well as across the many local streams. Wanted the Maryland Central to be similar but larger and more stable than the very similar Lancaster, Oxford, and Southern just north of the Susquehanna River. Wanted to blend in the Stewartstown Railroad as well as the Ma&Pa. Why two foot, because two foot was not widely used in the United States outside of Maine and few mining railroads in western United States (such as the Gilpin Tram). Perfect gauge for the low budget Maryland Central.

Started this past weekend with putting together a Train and Trooper Sn2 SR&RL coal gondola kit. Between sub-assemblies, have been working on a 12″=1ft layout plan on my module building table. After laying out “Fawn Grove”, the end of a branch of the Maryland Central in the namesake town in southern York County, Pennsylvania, decided to start a little slower and a lot more simple design. “Beckleysville” was born, small station, short siding serving a granary and a right-of-way through cornfields below a low ridge in northern Baltimore County farmland.

Where have you been?

Friend recently sent me an e-mail. “What have you been working on of late? Have not seen a post or heard a peep from you.” Well, I have been watching Graham run his N scale RS-3 around his “new” N scale layout. My wife found an N scale layout on Freecycle, so she responded that we would take it. Layout was in excellent shape, with complete scenery and wired. Previous owner had won it in a Church raffle and his children no longer”ran trains”.

Will be posting some photos of the “new layout” soon.

Otherwise, I have been working on everything but trains of late. Hoping to get back to them soon!