Snow! Trip to the “Train Show”

It snowed yesterday, on October 29th! Hope this is not a sign of things to come this Winter.

Of course, it was bad weather for Howard Zane’s Great Scale Train Show.Had asked the folks at Funaro and Camerlengo to bring my last order to the show and I would pick it up there. Made a few other stops along the way as well, including picking up the right of way maps for the Ma and Pa at the Ma and Pa Historical Society’s table. Since the weather and other chores kept me from getting to the show until late in the afternoon, did not have a chance to see everything, but did have enough time to visit the folks at Crusader Rail Services where I picked up a Mount Blue Sn2 WW&F boxcar kit. Of course, no trip to the “train show” is complete without a stop at Hunterline to stock up on scale wood.

A stop at a table with various black and white as well as color photographs and a few more photos added to the collection of Ma and Pa and NYO&W files. Now to the drawing board and work table.