A Model Imagineering Masterpiece the Union Central and Northern

One of my favorite Model Railroad Imagineerings is Harry Brunk’s HOn3 Union Central and Northern. For those of you who have never seen Harry’s work, I highly recommend reading “Up Clear Creek”, and “More Up Clear Creek”. Both books are a series of articles Harry published in Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette magazine. The articles on the Georgetown Loop were some of my favorites as were his articles about Black Hawk.

The Union Central and Northern is based on a long time narrow gauge favorite of mine, the Colorado and Southern’s Clear Creek lines (originally the Colorado Central). Harry created his own railroad, the UC&N based entirely on the C&S in the late 1930s. He researched each town, buildings bridges, and C&S railroad equipment. His work fascinated me, and I looked forward to reading each of his articles. Learned a lot about researching the prototype and how much enjoyment the historical research side of model railroading can bring to the average modeler.

I was glad to read that Harry’s years of work have been saved and the UC&N moved to the Union Pacific railroad station in Cheyenne, Wyoming. A lot of other UC&N fans got together and moved Harry’s layout from it home in “Little Colorado”, a mobile home trailer into a permanent home in the station now museum. Be sure to look at the pictures of this wonderful layout and the great preservation job by fans! Thank you Harry!

Forgotten items in the loft-Part II

Well, lightening strikes twice! Candyce found something else from my early days as a armchair modeler and as a model railroad imagineer. My notes from several trips to the East Broad Top, couple of scraps of notes on lessons learned from my last HOn3 layout, and the beginnings of some imagineerings.

The field notes taken at “Joller” on the EBT  were something I thought had been lost a decade ago. Several pages of notes and sketches from Joller before the mine reclamation folks had come through and cleaned everything up. Now if I could just find the pictures the notes refer to at some places I will be happy indeed.

My first model railroad imagineering is right behind notes on East Broad Top’s Saltillo station and track. After disassembling my HOn3 Maryland and West Virginia “U” shaped railroad back in the late ’90s, started working on a new model railroad,  the Appalachian Midland, based on favorite scenes from the Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina (ET&WNC) and East Broad Top. First scene I worked on was “Jefferson”, based on EBT’s Saltillo station and track layout. I had used the NARCO branch to represent a branch to an interchange with a logging line.   I was surprised to see that I suggested building  “Jefferson” as a set of modules in HOn3. Guess even then I had started to think about the need to relocate my model railroad at some point.

Flipping through some other imagineerings brought back some fond memories of past ideas and some thoughts for future projects!