Forgotten items in the loft-A wonderful find!

Not long after arriving home from work this evening, Candyce told me she found some “train things’ in one of the closets in our garage loft. “I left them on your desk chair.” A pause and quick look before getting ready for dinner would be in order. Noticed a small storage tube for prints and a few padded envelopes. Sat down after dinner, kids’ homework and opened up the padded envelopes, long forgotten about parts. Saving the best for last, opened up the tube. Much to my surprise and delight was a tube full of two foot locomotive prints, all side views of every Maine two foot Prairie (and Mogul converted to Prairie) ever built. I had completely forgotten I had purchased them some 10-11 years ago, could not make out the USPS date stamp. What a wonderful find indeed!

Take a look in your attic or loft, you may be surprised what you find!

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