Jefferson through the years on the Appalachian Midland

It has been a while since my last post. During the past few  days, been looking through some of my recently discovered materials, including a small sketch book.

One section in the sketch book was devoted to series of track plans based on the town of “Jefferson”. “Jefferson”, according to my notes, was the first town out of staging on my fictional Appalachian Midland. Originally, the AM was to be built in HOn3, primarily as a coal hauler. However, “Jefferson” was planned to be the beginning of a branch, which apparently was an independent railroad in the late 1800s, as well as having a tie and lumber loading area. “Jefferson’s” track plan is loosely based on the East Broad Top’s Saltillo station, at least that is what my notes say. I have several line drawings of Satillo’s mill building, basic track arrangement and some other notes on separate pages that were not scanned. “Jefferson” would probably make a good beginning for a On30 layout, even built as a set of modules.

Reading further about my imagineered Appalachian Midland, discovered several other scenes that are nice for small layouts, including a small mining area based on the town Joller on the East Broad Top. Together, the various scenes would make a nice layout if one would have space to connect several if not all of them. Several drawings in a follow-up section in the sketch book have the AM running through a pass (“Jefferson”) and up a valley to several mining towns with company towns. Looks like the branch line just went to another staging yard. There are no notes on how to connect the various scenes though and time has erased what the plan would have been or how much space was planned to build the railroad. I can tell from dates in the book though that this was a project started after my “Maryland and West Virginia” HOn3 coal hauler was destroyed in a freak accident that covered my layout with soot in my parents’ barn many years ago. Soon after this, my interest in Maine 2 foot railroads picked up and my HOn3 was sold off. Probably why my notes on the AM stopped and switched to other wild ideas! As my notes and various sketches of the Appalachian Midland are deciphered, and darkened a little more they will show up in future posts.



3 thoughts on “Jefferson through the years on the Appalachian Midland

  1. Maryland & West Virginia is owned by the Western MD. It’s the old Back Fork of Elk branch and the slightly rerouted West Virginia Midland. M&WV is std gauge, WVM remains NG.

      1. Dang Matt, I didn’t recognize your name. We know one another from years ago when I lived in Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

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