Modeling with Children: The Tugboat Adventure

An N scale tugboat by Model Tech Studios has been keeping Graham and me busy at times. The project has been fun, especially teaching Graham about how to paint, clean parts, and clean one’s tools. We have had a lot of fun with “the ship” since Graham received it as a Christmas present. Of late, Graham has been busy doing most of the painting of the small white metal parts, he can actually see what he is doing unlike myself. We discussed what color we wanted to paint the tug after looking at Railroad tugs: Part II by Preston Cook in the May 1983 Railroad Model Craftsman. We did not use “Cornell Red” since we could not find it at the hobby store the day we went to purchase paint.

When we started, I told Graham that I would use the “crazy glue” and that he could watch as I glued the pieces together. Decided to show him that you can stick your fingers together very easily. Thankfully, my finger were together a short few seconds and I got them apart. Graham was impressed and said, you use that stuff, I’ll have all my fingers stuck together.

Let Graham paint the individual superstructure and hull parts as well as the detail parts. I showed him how to mix the paint, clean the brushes, and take his time painting. See this photo for the results. We have progressed past this point and we will be taking some more photos this week as we add more detail. Looks like adding the tires and their ropes will be the tough part! Graham has really enjoyed himself to date and constantly asks, “can we work on the ship”.