A fond farewell to my walking companion

Said goodbye to our Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Chessie, today. She was my longtime right-of-way walker and traveled many miles on the Northern Central Railway hike and bike trail near our home. Of course most of the miles were the same ones over and over again, but we always discovered something new with the changing seasons. She loved swimming in Beetree Run and Little Falls of the Gunpowder and it gave me an excuse to explore the multiple bridges in our area.

Chessie Mathews
Chessie Mathews

One of Chessie’s last trips this winter was a mild Sunday and we explored the bridge above the Beetree Road crossing. Her company will certainly be missed but never forgotten.

Chessie at the Beetree Rd bridge

4 thoughts on “A fond farewell to my walking companion

  1. Hi Matt:
    Sorry to hear about Chessie. That’s the tough thing about living with furry companions – but the rewards and memories more than make up for it. I’ll give Mocean and Jack an extra hug tonight.

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