The DROP test

Yes, we have been working on “Slow Train Down South”. However, before we started laying the rail, we conducted a “drop test”. A drop test? Yes, I am sure you have dropped a car, or wheel set or something over the years. Graham dropped the tender for our 2-6-0 and it will need to go to the shop. However, we conducted a different drop test, a layout drop test!

Yes, we dropped the layout. “Slow Train..” is supposed to be a semi-portal layout, and one of us could accidentally drop it one day. Would the frame survive. In theory it should, but I tested it anyone and dropped it on the floor….the concrete floor. This was not one of those David Letterman events were you drop something from a building. We decided to do something a little more realistic. Right now the module sits on a desk, what if it fell if Graham picked it up to move it?  It survived its’ short drop to the floor from desk top height (all of 36 inches) . Nothing happened. No ties when flying in the air. I don’t want to make a habit of dropping our modules on the floor, but it could happen, and now my curiosity is answered whether it would survive.