What is new?

What is new? Well for one I have added a few links.

Recently discovered Bill Schneider’s two blogs. I first saw Bill’s HO version of the NYO&W in a Kalmbach Publication a few years ago. Being a fan of the O&W myself, I really liked what Bill did in his space. His layout is a fantastic double deck look at a small part of the O&W. If you have a chance check out both of his home layout site and his layout design site. The NYO&W offers the model railroader a lot of different possibilities from rural mixed trains to symbol freights. I have always liked the northern half of the O&W and the milk traffic. The steam locomotives were the Old Woman’s various classes of Camelbacks and small steam engines from 2-6-0s to 2-8-0s. If you like big steam you have the symbol freights of the Scranton and Southern divisions. The likes of both light and heavy 4-8-2s, 2-10-2s, and those same 2-8-0s. If you like anthracite coal mining, then the Scranton division is for you. The O&W had several interesting branches along the Southern Division as well that offer the modeler possibilities.

The other link just added is Tom Patterson’s Chesapeake, Wheeling and Erie HO Appalachian model railroad. It is a modern (1970s) era layout considering I model narrow gauge in the 1920s-1950s time periods. However, I was looking for a coal tipple ideas for a new project that Graham and I have started and a citation I found on the internet suggested Tom’s blog. Nice model railroad and great modeling. Check it out if you have a chance.

The last new link is Gene Deimling’s new P48 blog. After many years, Gene is finally getting a chance to work on his P48 layout. Gene has quite a few interesting posts and I recommend everyone, even they do not model in P48.

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