Moving up the learning curve in N scale: First steps

When I was probably Graham’s age, my parents bought a small Styrofoam N scale layout. With it came a “train set”, a  Penn Central F unit, caboose and several freight cars. I could never get the F unit to run well and tired of pushing it around a folded circle. Thus was my experience with N scale until my wife pick-up a small N scale layout off of Freecycle for Graham. Graham and I made a trip to Gettysburg to visit Tommy Gilbert’s hobby shop and get an engine, several freight cars and a caboose (sound familiar). We also picked up a book, Model Railroader’s “N Scale Railroading“, for us to read. Highly recommend this book as a  good reference book for anyone interested in starting out in N scale.

When Graham said he wanted to build a new model railroad, and he wanted it to be in N scale, my first thoughts was, oh no my poor eyes. My second thought was, I know about as much as you do Graham about N scale. Well, I turned to our book again and have been reading various sections and referring to it when I have a question. This past weekend, I went to another local store, M.B. Klein, to get a small present for Graham. While there, I picked up two magazines specific for N scale. I was quite surprised to see that N scale had at least two scale specific magazines {keep in mind, I am an S and O scale narrow gauge modeler}. I just had a chance last night to start looking through both the Sept/Oct issues of N scale Railroading and N-scale. Both magazines have excellent articles and more importantly useful information. I also joined the N finescale Yahoo group to see what others are doing in N finescale.

Our next step up the learning curve, switches. We need 2 for our first Lookout module. I have made switches in HO, S, and O scale, but these will be a first for me in N scale.


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