Keeney Creek: A Trickle of Information

While at the latest train show in Timonium, Maryland, Graham and I stopped at the booth of TLC Publishing, Inc. and spoke with Thomas Dixon, Jr. . He was a great help in providing information about contacting the C&O Historical Society regarding maps and other information about the Keeney Creek branch. Mr. Dixon is currently working on an excellent series of books on the railroads of West Virginia. I looked through several of them at the train show and found each to be have quite a bit of information and excellent photographs. We visited the site and discovered that over the years there has been two

articles about the Keeney Creek branch in the Society’s Newsletter. The folks at the historical society have been a big help and are currently researching our request for any more information in the Society’s archives.

We also purchased a photo of the “shifter” under steam power to use as a header for our Keeney Creek shifter posts.We have to load it and crop it to fit correctly.

Keeney Creek Shifter at work. From C&O Historical Society
Keeney Creek Shifter at work. From C&O Historical Society

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