2016 National Narrow Gauge Convention

In September 2016, the National Narrow Gauge convention is going to be held in Augusta Maine. Recently had a chance to talk with Lee Rainey about the convention. There will be room for exhibition layouts at the convention. Question is, should we build an exhibition layout for the convention??

Let’s recount what we have. “Slow Train Down South”, a 42 inch radius On30 corner module and..nothing else. We have a Bachmann ten-wheeler and a few cars for “Slow Train”. I have an On30 outside frame American and consolidations for a future project in south of the border modeling. No cars though!

Staying with O scale, we have two On3 engines, a K-28, and K-27 #455 after the wreck for another project, “Copper City”. In checking the cabinet of rolling stock kits we have a few freight and coach  kits that need to be built along with the station for “Copper City”. We have a considerable amount of On2 motive power and two passenger cars, plenty of rolling stock kits.

Moving to Sn3, we have lots of motive power, passenger, and freight equipment. In Sn2, mostly disassembled motive power and a few kits.  Oh, let’s not forget, we have N scale standard gauge equipment as well and some motive power.

Does this sound like you? Are you a collector of  various pieces of model railroad equipment resting comfortable in boxes waiting for that some day to be built, to be put into motion outside of moving in a box from one pile to another.

As you get ready for this Holiday season, think if you need one more box, or does one box need to come out and the item built, or weathered, or put into working order for your layout. Do you have a pile of wood cut for your layout, are you working on a plan that always ends up as a ball of paper in the trashcan or fireplace?

Do you want to really challenge yourself? Build a small exhibition layout for the 2016 National Narrow Gauge Convention. If you start on January 1st you have two years and eight months to complete your layout. You don’t need to build an around the room layout to have fun. Let’s get started! As my friend Trevor Marshall says, just get modeling!

So, let’s get modeling, we have a show to attend and we need to get ready!

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