The Lookout module: Lessons learned

Well the track is finally down, except for our connector to module two.

So what was learned? A lot!

Keeney Creek Shifter at work. From C&O Historical Society
Keeney Creek Shifter at work. From C&O Historical Society

(1) Nothing beats planning, especially since material, whether it is track, or wood costs money. Paper and pencil are still relatively cheap.

(2) If following a prototype, gather as much information as possible. It has not been until recently that I have been able to gather more information on the Keeney Creek branch.

(3) When making my module plan, include the electrical plan as well. I did write this on the bottom, but in my zeal to get the track laid, I failed to put in one set of feeds. I will fix this, but now it is a retro fit vs a construction process.

(4) Make a plan for the scenery  and structures. I have no idea what we are going to have for a coal tipple on our version of Lookout. Since I did not spend my time gathering research, I did not have an idea of what the area looked like or what structures I should include, and where to include them.

The growing pains of going from experimental modules to a more finished product. An evolution step, with plenty of lessons for module two!


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