Lookout module update

Perhaps you are wondering….”where did he go?”

Still here, just have not been posting anything of late.

However, we have several updates. Number one, Graham broke his arm at the beginning of April, both his ulna and radius. He is still in a cast, his radius has knit itself very nicely, his ulna has not finished the process.

When I have had time, moments few and far between (remember this for a future post), I have been working on our basement walls. With July coming up, I hope to have complete by the end of the month, a 40 ft stretch of walls, finish sheet rocking , painting, putting in the electrical outlets, and moving in some base cabinets I picked up for free.

The Lookout module you ask, what has been going with it? Any progress? Yes, I have been using it, both to switch some hoppers and also moving it around the basement as I work. WHAT!! Yes moving it, if you recall, one goal that Graham asked of Keeney Creek was for it be portable. So I have been picking it up and moving it. What have I learned about moving it about around. It is surprisingly stable and light. When I wish to put it on the wall, it is easy to pick up and place. Another thing I learned, it needs light, the overhead lights in the basement just don’t cut it. It also needs an integrated backdrop.

So what are the positives of the module. It is FUN to operate. Even if the tipple is a little wood block and the scenery isn’t complete it is fun to operate as a shifter crew. Would have never guessed that two switches and three stub tracks, well two and the branch line, would be something that can take 30 minutes to switch. If there was a fiddle yard though, it would take less time, and that is the Lookout module’s greatest departure from reality of 12 inch equals one foot railroading. The shifter crew could pull the whole string of hoppers from one tipple track, not one to two at a time.

Stayed tuned, some interesting news on module building next.