On the road to becoming a finescale modeler: Next stop “Synergy”

The blog has been quiet of late. I have been working in the basement……


Renaissance |ˈrenəˌsäns, -ˌzäns|
• (as noun a renaissance) a revival of or renewed interest in something. (from Websters)


synergy |ˈsinərjē|(also synergism |-ˌjizəm|)
the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. (from Websters)


No, I have not become an English teacher. I am still a learning finescale modeler in my spare moments. A finescale modeler of what? Of carpentry, of making scale buildings, of building scenery, of model trains. I have spent many of the past years learning some of these skills by various starts and stops, small projects, some finished, some resigned to the garbage. Am I an expert in all of these skills? Hardly. I would still consider myself a novice in some, even years after my first feeble attempts.

So what does “synergy” have to do with this process. Synergy is to bring these various talents at their various levels on respective learning curves together to create a product that has a combined effect great than the sum of their parts. The product, a finescale model railroad.

Synergy is what my modeling has lacked, putting together the various skills to build that finescale functioning model railroad. To climb the hurdle that cause many to stumble and loose interest, a completed model railroad layout. A first in decades of modeling for me.

The first step of the climb. Admitting to myself that I will never have a basement sized layout. There will never be those wonderful scenic vistas of mountain ranges dwarfing small narrow gauge trains, or huge yards where 500 cars are switched back and forth to create trains. Or miles long helper grades. I like slow speed switching, I don’t need a basement sized layout. I don’t even need three towns to run the local between. I needed a change of perspective, to turn my view on its side. It took several years to decide to take the path less traveled and break from what most of my fellow modelers build in their basements. I cannot build just one large layout, I don not wish to build one small layout with three towns for the way freight to switch. I wish to build and finish functioning finescale layouts that allow me to time travel to various places I was not around to see.

So what about Renaissance? I didn’t mention it at all. This realization, that I cannot build a model railroad like the ones I read about in magazines, or see at friends’ homes has been a renaissance for me, it has moved me to make the jump to take those various skills to create…

Create what…..that’s the next step story. Wait until next week. Introducing the “C”

FdA life in the C



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