Several new links

As luck would have it, I managed to sprain my knee at work last week, so I have been putting ice on it and looking at Central and South American narrow gauge photographs at John West’s excellent website “A Life Wasted Chasing Trains“. If you have a chance, or you are sitting around with an ice pack on your knee, take a look. Something different to see from narrow gauge in the United States if you look at the Around the World chapter. His Rio Grande Narrow Gauge section is very good as well.

Another site that is very interesting to me is Les Pivnic and Charlie Lewis’s website “Soul of a Railway“. My friend Terry Smith recently sent me the link to the two foot gauge operation of the South African Railways, which is System 3 if you decide to visit this superb and very informative website. I have always liked the SARs NGG13 Garratt’s. So if you thought that SR&RL #23 was a big locomotive for two foot gauge, go look at some of the SARs 2 foot gauge equipment. Even better, check out the scenery that the line passed through.

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