Picture Wednesday

February 3rd,2016. I missed last week due to cleaning up snow and some missed time at work. This past week, I have been working on scenery ideas around the Bridge over Beetree Run. The giant rock is a must, anchoring the point where an unnamed little creek runs into Beetree Run. The idea is from the huge rock along the Little Falls of the Gunpowder River just north of Hereford, Maryland. I like the bushes, but I do not like the “sandy grey piece”. I used chinchilla dust, unpainted. A mistake that I’ll rectify.image

Chinchilla powder makes a nice textured surface but it’s grayish color needs help from paint. Here is my experiment with using it to simulate a dirt road.

imageI am still experimenting with the chinchilla powder. I first read about using it in Gordon Gravett’s modeling grasslands book.

A photo of the bridge area. The gray areas are there to remind me that that will be part of the two streams on this module.


An idea of what someone in the stream would see. Better in person than what the photo shows!image