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Layout Design: the vital forgotten questions

Layout Design. I was going to do a search and count how many books are dedicated to this one concept of layout design. I decided against it, far to many and I suppose it would only prove one thing…layout design … Continue reading

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Working on the blog post design

Hello everyone, I’ve  been working on some blog changes. You probably have not noticed, but I have been making a few tweaks. After looking at several other blogs, I have decided to include a “First time here” page. I am … Continue reading

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Ties for the Northern Maryland

Ties, what to use. In the past I have used On3 ties for On30 layouts, why change? Well, I have been testing Sn3 ties under On2 to see if the arrange looks like the Maine two footers. I briefly thought … Continue reading

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A new type of C

The first module for Beckleysville is using the new  C design that can be transported or attached to the wall (once a French Cleat is applied to the back). Why the change? I wanted to have a little more flexibility … Continue reading

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Beckleysville-Module 1-The South Wye Switch

I have always like the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad for it S curves, numerous trestles, and its predominantly rural right of way. The Northern Maryland, like the Ma and Pa also, uses S curves, cuts, and trestles along its right … Continue reading

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Alive, Well, and Back!

Hello everyone, My apologies for once again letting the blog go silent. Believe it or not, in my few spare moments over the past few months I have been doing a small amount of modeling on Beckleysville’s first module. My … Continue reading

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