Rebuilding the wall

It is interesting to work on a problem that one created themselves. To go back and review work done over a decade ago now. Amazing when you sit down and ask why did I do it this way? Thankfully the exterior wall studs damaged by termites have to be removed to make a new door rough out. I want to make a change to an internal electric outlet so as to provide an outside outlet as well.

Progress to date:

  1. Removed most of sheet rock and insulation to see what was the problem. The problem, water lead to termite invasion around my exterior door.
  2. Determined that I need to build a concrete wall to butt against the concrete slab that sits against the wall.
  3. Removed part of the original sill plate and termite shield. I also determined which studs need to be totally replaced due to termite damage. I also decided to replace the studs with treated wood
  4. I poured a five foot section of the new concrete wall where the most damage had occurred.
  5. Removed raised wooden platform by the exterior that protected conduits and gave a manageable step for staircase to second floor storage loft.

The garage corner


Hereford Storm Runners-Congratulations

This past week, my daughter played in her first travel league soccer tournament in Hershey, Pennsylvania. She had a lot of fun, including not even touch the ball the last two games except during war ups. her teams defense was that good as was their offensive as the won both games 3-0. Even better, they won their age/ skill bracket by going 3-0-1. Maggie did not give up a goal the entire tournament and the team scored 7 goals in all. Not bad for a team that has only been practicing about a month!

They received a Cup, individual medals, and perhaps the largest Hershey chocolate bar I’ve ever seen.