Rebuilding the wall

It is interesting to work on a problem that one created themselves. To go back and review work done over a decade ago now. Amazing when you sit down and ask why did I do it this way? Thankfully the exterior wall studs damaged by termites have to be removed to make a new door rough out. I want to make a change to an internal electric outlet so as to provide an outside outlet as well.

Progress to date:

  1. Removed most of sheet rock and insulation to see what was the problem. The problem, water lead to termite invasion around my exterior door.
  2. Determined that I need to build a concrete wall to butt against the concrete slab that sits against the wall.
  3. Removed part of the original sill plate and termite shield. I also determined which studs need to be totally replaced due to termite damage. I also decided to replace the studs with treated wood
  4. I poured a five foot section of the new concrete wall where the most damage had occurred.
  5. Removed raised wooden platform by the exterior that protected conduits and gave a manageable step for staircase to second floor storage loft.

The garage corner


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