Return to Beckleysville

Hello everyone,

II have completed most of my garage rebuild. I still have some electrical work to rewire, insulation to install, and of course the Sheetrock. I plan on working on some of this on the upcoming weekend. On the outside the big project is to install a new exterior door and reinstall the vinyl siding. The bad news is I discovered some damage further down the wall as I removed vinyl siding. So, I decided to wait for Spring before doing any more work on the outside. I’m hoping for a nice somewhat warmer day with wind to install the exterior door.

So with Winter almost upon us, it is time to return to the “Beckleysville” project. First up is to finish cutting plywood to complete the remaining modules. This is mostly an outside project I hope to finish this weekend, as long as the weather cooperates and we have no rain or excessive wind. Stay tuned for future posts!

Return to Beckleysville©

H. Mathews, November 2016