Northern Maryland Combine #26

By Spring 1914, Northern Maryland combine #26 has reached its 40th year of service. The combine was one of two bought in 1874 when passenger service was expanded. For the next 26 years, it was used almost regularly in  mainline passenger service. By 1894 though, the railroad decided to purchase two 40 foot combines to replace the two 30 foot combines.

The two combines went to the shop for a major rebuild into baggage-express cabooses. Both had their passengers compartments extensively rebuilt to include a cupola, an office area for the conductor and a water cooler and small sink for the crew. Combine #26 spent most of its remaining years on the Beckleysville mixed train.

To build 26, I decided to start with the Bachmann combine and create the car I wanted.  The narrow gauge inspiration for the car is DRGW #212 as the Pagosa Combine, but I have found a standard gauge example on the McCloud RR. One could also point to the Sandy River’s caboose’s, but I had DRGW’s 212 in mind.

Northern Maryland Combine #26©

By H. Mathews, December 2016