Barriers to Model Railroading part 4: Armchair to Active Modele

Certainly every person is an armchair hobbyist at some point, whether getting started in a hobby or between projects. Unfortunately some get stuck in the armchair mode. Personally, I’m tired of being an armchair modeler, so it is time to get over the barriers and becoming an active modeler.

Barriers to becoming active can be many, so I looked at what is stopping me. Here is my list, although I doubt it is complete.

Project selection

My biggest is selecting a project, one that can be interesting over time, teaches me new techniques that can be used now as well as with future projects. However, the project selection is usually building the model railroad. Perhaps this is the wrong perspective of the hobby for me. I enjoy building, either from scratch or from a kit. Can be a building, a freight car, a passenger car, and although I have never done one, a locomotive.

Working on too many things at once

Really the problem is not making a plan for the project. Thing of it as a recipe to follow if you like to cook, or the cut list of wood if you like woodworking. I’ll call it the project list for lack of an original name.

Developing a trackplan for sustainable operation.

I think this is an area where many model railroaders have problems. Mine is really finding one with compounded only by myself by wanting ideal operations. I would say it often leads to shelving the actual model railroad due to this issue.

So how to become an active modeler? Pick a project, make a project list and START!

Barriers to Model Railroading part 4: Armchair to Active Modeler @June 2019

By: H Mathews

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