Back in the “Sling” of things

Editors Note: I started writing this post in August 2019, and put in draft until a time when I felt compelled to finish my thoughts. I have added and subtracted to this post over the past 12 months. Now November 2020, it is time to finish my thoughts and hit Post.

Amazingly, prior to 2019 my health had always been very good. However, a fall in February 2019 led to a need for shoulder surgery, which lead to the discover of a heart issue which lead to open heart surgery in April 2019 which finally in August 2019 lead to my left shoulder surgery. A lot in six months I would admit. My shoulder froze before surgery and it led to a lot of Physical Therapy. I’m still doing exercises and I probably will do some sort of exercises for the rest of my life.

Last July (2019), I started working on switching themes for the Model Railroading Imagineerings blog since my old one had been obsoleted. A project not as much fun as writing occasional posts about narrow gauge trains and the starts and stops of various projects that has been the general direction of Model Railroad Imagineerings over the years. Hopefully everything was successfully finished last August before I put the blog to rest until time to wake it up.

It is not easy for me to sit down to write a blog post, as my modeling time is variable and comes and goes with life’s other demands. However, moving forward I decided to make posting to my blog part of my modeling. Why? Because my modeling scales and gauges require more scratchbuilding and fabrication of components. I decided that a least the blog post can be a written “recipe” of my projects. This will allow me to keep track of what worked, what didn’t, materials used etc..

It is nice to be back, hopefully with more regular blog posts.

Back in the “Sling” of things@ August 2019, November 2020

By: H. Mathews

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