Beckleysville: Revisiting an old friend

I recently discovered the original sketch for Beckleysville. It did not have a turntable, or the versions that incorporated a wye. After looking at the plan for a few moments, I decided this is perfect. Compact with four switches four, and including the buildings I really wanted to model. Perfect, out came the two surviving baseboards that had been built for the large On30 version of Beckleysville.

Why would the Northern Maryland Railway have a branch to Beckleysville? More on that in the next post. For now, the primary reason for the branchline is not in Beckleysville but the paper mill in Hoffmanville, the station stop before Beckleysville. The general store-coal-lumber dealer is a secondary reason. The granary is really a slow mover, express, LCL, and the team track are revenue generators in the pre UPS era of 1914.

One item that is missing is a turning facilities for a steam locomotive, no wye on turntable. Their is a prototype for this, the 9 mile long Strasburg railroad in Lancaster county Pennsylvania has no wye or turntable. An interesting idea to run the engine in reverse one way, a practice not commonly seen in the prototype or on model railroads. I like the idea, so no turning facility, there is enough back and forth in switching and getting the combine to the end of the train. The Beckleysville branch is probably a 6 to 9 mile long run and in the winter during snow the train would have pushed the plow to clear the line once the storm had subsided. Besides, the season being modeled is May-June 1914 and snow will not be an issue.

Beckleysville: Revisiting an old Friend @December 2020

By: H. Mathews

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