Its been a long time, where have you been?

Hard to believe, but it’s been over a year away from any serious modeling or blog posting. As any follower of the blog knows, this hasn’t been the first time for a break in the hobby for me. Thanks to several friends’ modeling efforts though, model railroading has never been too far away.

Recently, while cleaning up dust bunnies on my modeling desk, I pondered why over the last two decades have there been so many starts and stops to various projects. A stroll through past blog posts can easily confirm the many starts and stops. I never did find an answer to the frequent stops and starts, besides there seem to be many factors that caused me to stop one project and move on.

One contributing factor was not have a place to put the layout. Any layout was always being moved around in the basement, I decide to fix that issue by working on framing out my basement and creating an area for my woodworking, model train, and board game hobbies. Having a dedicated work area is a must.

I’m doing all the work myself, in my limited spare time. Everything means just that framing, wiring, insulation, Sheetrock, and painting. Takes time when you have 15 to 30 minutes here and there, but I’m getting there. I’m almost at the end of a 40 foot long wall, and almost to the pivotal corner at the back of our basement.

The good news, that long wall is going to be home to my model trains, and the work areas for modeling. So stay tuned, a new modeling project is coming soon!