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The narrow gauge bug bit me back in the late 1970s when my Dad took me to the Winter Spectacular at the East Broad Top Railroad. Since then, return trips to the EBT have been many. Even have had a chance to ride the Cumbres and Toltec and watch the Durango and Silverton switch in Silverton one Fall afternoon. However, books have allowed me to travel to many different narrow gauge railroads around the world. Discovered a lot of neat places and railroads along the way and building just one model railroad to capture all those interests just was not going to cut it. So, the long process of imagineering several model railroads to capture the things I like.

My original Sn3 locomotive-now gone

Standard gauge railroads are of interest as well. The list of standard gauge railroads includes such railroads  as the New York, Ontario, and Western, Maryland and Pennsylvania, Stewartstown RR, Western Maryland, and the small railroads of the Delmarva Peninsula. My standard gauge interest has introduced me to the world of Proto48, finescale O scale. Opened yet another avenue of model railroad imagineering as well.

Imagineer at work, visiting the LO&S granary

Thanks for logging in. Hope you enjoy the ramblings!

Herbert “Matt” Mathews

One thought on “About Me

  1. Matt – saved your blog link quite awhile ago and had time today to review the whole thing. We clearly have moved in parallel and intersecting paths over the years. i retired on the Delaware shore in 2014 and recently (finally) finished construction of a 9.5′ x 22′ insulated and air conditioned room in half of my two car garage. While planning this over the last several years I debated another California or Colorado On3 line, a Gilpin Tram or an On30 Appalachian coal hauler or a Maine two footer in On30. A trip to Maine last June and again in August convinced my wife that she should push me into modelling the WW&F with emphasis on the Wiscasset waterfront and Albion. As I already had all the Swampscot books it was an easy choice. To that end I now have four passenger car kits and some box and flat cars to go with my Bachmann Forneys. I am using Grandt and Coronado On2 trucks with 36″ HO wheelsets to maintain the narrow non-On30 look. Layout construction will get underway shortly. In the meantime I have On30 modules and a 6×16 unsceniced sectional On30 western mining line to play with.
    Planning on a Timmonium and Chris McChesney visit on Feb 4 . Maybe see you around.

    Bill Uffelman
    Ocean View Delaware

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