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San Pedro, a Chili Line Imagineering

My new project is going to be a simple layout using an imagineered village along the DRGW’s Chili Line. Why an imagineered location? While it’s true the Chili Line offers several interesting switching towns, I wanted to model several things … Continue reading

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The Trainset

Like many model railroaders, I have items in boxes I do not use. Some I purchased for future use, some I purchased without any clear plan on their use. Some point in the past, P-B-L announced that they would be … Continue reading

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An Imagineering Project: “Slow Train down South”

Several people have sent me comments asking do I or did I ever build a model railroad, do I ever do anything except change my mind, and what the heck is model railroad imagineering. All good questions and each deserving … Continue reading

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Doodlebugs, Railbuses and Mixed Trains

What fun it would have been to ride in the Ma&Pa’s gas-electrics. Take the York or Baltimore Daily Mail. Or ride on the SR&RL from Farmington to Strong in one of the railbuses. Yes, riding in one of the Rio … Continue reading

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