Projects: Past and Present

  1. Welcome to my project list of model railroad imagineerings.


Emerson Railroad, Maine

Scale and Gauge: O scale (1:48) 24 inch gauge

Time Period: Late summer 1928

Locale: Maine

Construction: TBD

Future Consideration


Scale and Gauge: S scale (1:64) TBD, 36 inch gauge vs standard gauge

Time Period: June 1914

Locale: Northern Baltimore County, Maryland

Construction: Modules with leg pockets

The Chili Line

Scale and Gauge: S scale (1:64) 36 inch gauge (Sn3)

Time Period: August-September, late 1930s-1941

Locale: Rural northern New Mexico near the confluence of the Rio Chama and Rio Grande rivers.

Construction: Modules with leg pockets


Beckleysville- O scale version not done!

Scale and Gauge: O scale (1:48) 30 inch gauge (On30)

Time Period: May 1914

Locale: Rural northern Baltimore County, Maryland

Construction: C module with leg pockets. Made with 3/4 inch ply frame and 1/2 inch plywood covering frame. Foam scenery, plywood scrap support of cork sub-roadbed

Keeney Creek

Scale and Gauge: N scale, standard gauge

Time Period: 1930-1940s

Locale: Keeney Creek area of West Virginia

Construction: Keeney Creek was my first true attempt at constructing an English style baseboard. It is made with 1/2 inch plywood frame and luan support of two inch