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Added a new link to Model Railroading is FUN. “The Reading Modeler” is back online. If you have a chance, check out the new site. Lots of useful information.

Although a fan of all railroads narrow gauge, there are several standard gauge railroads that have always interested me. The Reading Company is one of my favorites. Maybe because it was close by, or maybe because I remember the green boxcars with the yellow banner in the Western Maryland or Baltimore and Ohio trains at road crossings.  Until recent years though, The Reading’s Company’s steam engines were a mystery to me. Picked up Jeremy F Plant’s Reading Steam in Color a few years back at a train show. Opened up a fascinating era of the railroad and the Reading Company’s Reading Shops. Hard to believe how many locomotives the Reading built. If you like the T-1 4-8-4s, then read about how the Reading built their T-1s from the I-10sa class of consolidations.

Although the T-1s are very nice locomotives,  perhaps my favorite Reading steam engines are the huge consolidations, especially the I-9sc class and the I-10sa class.

If you are a Reading steam fan, what is your favorite class or locomotive?

2 thoughts on “New Link

  1. I’m a fan of the T-1 Northerns, mostly because of my exposure to #2102 on the BM&R in the late 80s, but I’ve been building models of other Reading steam engines in O-gauge. I’ve finished an E-5sa 0-8-0 based on a Lionel USRA 0-8-0, and I’m nearing completion of a model of #1251 based on a Lionel dockside. My future plans are to use the running gear from a Lionel “Berkshire Jr” to build an I-10sa. You can see some of my work at

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